We've started to gather letters to the Minister for Design!

Day One.

We've just emailed the OFTDE database of contacts and would encourage everyone interested to forward on to anyone else you think would want to get in touch.

We are asking designers and collaborators like yourself to take part in our transparent grass roots research strategy. We recognise one person could not handle the breadth of expertise required to represent all design and industry sub-sectors. However, having discussed the subject with our supporters there is some merit to investigate issues around policy again by imagining there was such a person with whom to correspond. Welcome to ‘The Office For The Design Economy’ probe.

In a report called ‘The Design Economy’ (Nov 2015)* we think the evidence shows that Scotland needs to raise the bar and develop a more impactful design agenda. We have identified five possible design dialogues for policy and would be delighted to receive your letter to the Minister for Design in one or several of these contexts:

 1. Design and economic growth

2. Design and culture

3. Design and the environment

4. Design and public services

5. Design and society

Letters will be accepted in any format, at any length. We plan to edit, design and publish a handbook of our findings in due course. At this stage any submissions will be treated in strict confidence and anonymously published if required. We are hoping to publish on 1st of August.

We look forward to hearing from soon.