A Letter from the founders

Dear Agents of Design

We have invented the ‘Office For The Design Economy’  as a place for the design / business community to give instruction to a ficticious department for design. Have fun making your serious points.

We think, in an 'ideas economy'  designers are a key resource. Locally based, they are the spark plugs to stimulate growth and better opportunities and quality of life.  Their wonderful blend of artistry, pragmatism, empathy, creativity, inventiveness, logic and analysis, complete with one eye on aesthetics and the other on functionality, they transform everything, and make preferable futures.

If that design impact could be better, it made us wonder, what if ....we had a Minister for Design?

We noticed that in Scotland, within the year of Architecture, Innovation & Design calendar for 2016, there was little in the programme that promoted the design activity for industries across the major cities and regions.

Since the UK Design Council has delivered an interesting report on the design economy (Published, October 2015) our founders thought to conduct a piece of granular research to discover the opinions of designers and businesses on how a Minister for Design could help the design economy.

Can you think of something the minister could do?

A & C